Stella Cheeks

Making Men Scream Her Name In The Streets

Stella Cheeks was born tantalizingly naked, yet uncoordinated and screaming into a family of intellectuals and indulgence. As an only child Stella grew up dancing around her bedroom and performing original plays for her parents on the fireplace. Naturally, she found the theatre at a young age and has since replaced her parents with strangers and the fireplace with a stage.

Stella is the producer and artistic director of Plan 9 Burlesque, as well as a performer. She can also be seen as a solo artist around the Chicago land area in such shows as Original Tease, Burlesco! and Foundation Cabaret, amoung others. In 2013 & 2014 Stella performed at the Dragon*Con Glamour Geek Revue to a room full of hundreds of nerds! 

A classically trained actress turned burlesque dancer, her numbers range from the classic “Bump N’ Grind” to numbers inspired by her fervent love of Geek Culture. When not performing Stella can often be found pounding coffee and watching professional wrestling. Stella is a hardcore Trekkie, an avid convention attendee, a pro wrestling addict and continuously checks alleyways for blue Police Boxes. Just in case. Follow Stella on twitter @Stella_Cheeks for more inane, yet highly relevant prattle. Check out her podcast, Not Your Demographic - A Feminist Wrestling Podcast at



  • How did you get started in Burlesque and Plan 9?

Well, I kind of started Plan 9. The other founding members and I were unhappy with our situation and a company that shall not be name. So instead of whining we decided to do something about it and start our own company. Thus Plan 9 was born! And yes our inspiration was Plan 9 From Outer Space. 

  • Is there a story behind your burlesque name?

Yes and no. I always loved the name Stella. I tried to find a last name that fit. One day on the CTA my brain screamed CHEEKS. Miraculously, it wasn't taken. 

  • What is your favorite number?

I love my Incredible Hulk number. It's so much fun and the audience always seems to get a kick out of it. Half modern dance and destruction. Half silly, sad strip. 

The Ren & Stimpy duet is a close second. It's just so nutballs. I love it. 

  • If you could be any fictional character who would you be and why?

Alexia Tarabotti from The Parasol Protectorate because she's badass and gets to sleep with a Scottish Werewolf. 

  • What’s one thing people may be surprised to learn about you? 

I am absolutely OBSESSED with ProWrestling. I watch 15-20 hours a week! WWE, Indie, TNA, Lucha - you name it I probably watch it. 

  • Where else can people find your work?

I can be seen all over. I also produce Original Tease Burlesque and frequently guest star with troupes all over the city. You can also subscribe to my podcast on itunes. Not Your Demographic - A Feminist Wrestling Podcast. 


Lightning Round

  •  Star Trek vs Star Wars

Star Trek FOREVER! Deep Space Nine is my Fav. 

  • DC vs Marvel

I'm a Marvel Girl! Kitty Pryde and the X-men are the reason I read comics. 

  • Harry Potter vs Twilight

HP - No contest. Prisoner of Azkaban was my jam growing up! I do like the Twilight movies though. They are so funny. 

  • Doctor Who vs James Bond

What a Sophie's Choice! Tie? My Doctor is Nine and my Bond is Moore. 

  •  What is your dream nerdlesque number?

I would love to get Shakespeare up in the bitch. I dream of a massive Titania act.