Right This Way Robbie

The role of Jack-of-All-Trades is one that comes natural To Right This Way Robbie. Having worked in theater as an actor-combatant, fight choreographer, writer, director, carpenter, student of improv, stage hand and tech, Robbie’s squirrel-like attention span and energy has pushed him towards being a theatrical polymath of sorts. Using this wide base of knowledge, he strives to bring a unique sense of character and physicality to his performances while happily filling in the gaps between his talented company members. RTWR spends his free time just in just as spastic a fashion as a fan of books, comics, tabletop and video games, hockey, biking,, music, sci-fi and sci-fact, coffee and bourbon. With the realization that he is crafting his life into the circus his family still swear they purchased him from, Robbie takes his moniker from the classic Barker ushering a crowd towards the evening’s entertainment. “Step right up, right this way!”


  • How did you get started in Burlesque and Plan 9?

Stella Cheeks and Marie Curiosity looked at me and said “Get in loser, we’re going stripping.”

  • Is there a story behind your burlesque name?

Not a good one! It just came out, kind of like what my parents say when asked about my upbringing.

  • What is your favorite number? 

Dat Batman number, currently.

  • If you could be any fictional character who would you be and why?

Let’s go with Longshot, I like the idea of things just working themselves out as long as my intentions are good natured.

  • What’s one thing people may be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a straight up lizard person just here to kinda observe things.

  • Where else can people find your work?

Come to Stage 773 sometime and let me show you around!


Lightning Round

  • Star Trek vs Star Wars

rek! DS9!

  • DC vs Marvel

 Marvel! Doom!

  • Harry Potter vs Twilight

HP! Order of the Phoenix! 

  • Doctor Who vs James Bond

Doctor Who! 9th Doctor!

  • What is your dream nerdlesque number?

A full telling of “The Wizard of Oz” done to TMBG’s “Spiraling Shape”. This would involve puppets, lots of puppets.