The Amazing Rando

The World's Most Affordable Magician


David Wilhelm (aka: The Amazing Rando) has always loved magic.  As a child he learned many magic tricks, all of which tended to rely on some gimmicked prop.  When he got older, he learned magic that was based more along the lines of what he grew up admiring in other performers.  Unfortunately, he turned out to be pretty terrible at it.  But still wishing to perform miracles on stage, he elected to play to his strengths, in this case the strength of his awfulness, and The Amazing Rando was born.  He/they/it can be seen in theaters, bars, and insurance lawsuits disputing the definition of “negligence” throughout the Chicagoland area.


Plan 9 Questionnaire

  • How did you get started in Burlesque and Plan 9?

I did a show with Marie Curiosity.  She mentioned that she was working with this burlesque troupe and thought my act would fit in well.  After a few months I was informed that I was being made a company member.  I think Stella’s exact words were, “There’s a company meeting on Sunday.  It’s mandatory for company members.  Oh, and we’re making you a company member so yaaaay.  Anyway that’s at 7:00.”  

  • Is there a story behind your burlesque name?

If you’ve seen Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, you already know the answer.  If you haven’t, you need to stop what you’re doing and watch it immediately.  No need to thank me.

  • What is your favorite number? 

Oh…I was going to say 42.  Ummmm…I’d probably have to go with the one where I took out the curtain at Fizz Bar.  For the record, it was an accident.  I didn’t expect the table to flip over like that.  If I’d choreographed that, it would have looked far more awkward.

  • If you could be any fictional character who would you be and why?

Can I be me, but with six pack abs?  That’s technically a fictional character.  Otherwise…Harry Dresden.  Well, I’d want to play him in any future tv or film incarnations.  I don’t think I’d actually want to BE him.  His powers are awesome, but his life tends to suck hard for one weekend every six months or so.  Also, I’d be a terrible Winter Knight.  I’d go mad with power pretty quickly.  Not Lloyd Slate crazy, but definitely not someone you’d want watching walking your dog while you’re away.

  •  What’s one thing people may be surprised to learn about you?

I was the fat kid growing up.  Ok, I wasn’t THE fat kid, but only because there was one kid fatter than me.  So I was the runner-up fat kid.  In the even that the first fat kid was unable to fulfill his duties, or just lost weight, I would take on the role of fat kid with all the rights and responsibilities conferred by that position.  I imagine there are other things that might surprise people, but I can’t think of what they might be and this seems to get the most incredulity when I mention it.

  • Where else can people find your work?

Theaters throughout the Chicagoland area, though not of late. My craft work can be found on my etsy site, Waxcalibur (

Lightning Round


  • Star Trek vs Star Wars

Trek - TNG. My captain is and always has been Picard.

  • DC vs Marvel

Like Marvel more of late due to the MCU, but read more DC growing up. Best character? The Joker.

  • Harry Potter vs Twilight

Harry Potter, but choosing a fav book is difficult.  Probably Goblet of Fire, though I really like the darkness that came with Order of the Phoenix.

  • Doctor Who vs James Bond

Doctor Who. 10th Doctor is my guy. I even dress up like him sometimes. 

  • What is your dream nerdlesque number?

Well...that depends on whether or not I could build a mech suit. In lieu of that, Batman-Bane dance battle. Doctor Who. 10th Doctor is my guy. I even dress up like him sometimes.